COVID-19 Testing Services


Anywhere Testing is a full-service provider of COVID-19 tests and services. They represent a U.S. Lab Consortium (CLIA Certified) and a group of U.S. and International Manufacturers of Rapid Antibody and Antigen Tests to provide best-in-class solutions to healthcare providers, schools, places of work, and local/state governments.

Anywhere Testing prides itself on turnaround times, accuracy, patient comfort, healthcare safety, and customer support. They have a comprehensive testing and services portfolio that includes software application suites (with touchless self-check-in, mass testing, symptom screening, contact tracing, quarantine management, clearance badges, and vaccinations), mobile testing labs, and collection stations, along with billing and healthcare professional staffing.

This testing process is the easiest, most convenient process by far. Taking the sample is so simple, and the instructions given to you with the testing kit make it even easier to follow the process. Rather than being the uncomfortable nose swab that we have all come to dread, this testing kit uses a mouth swabbing system, basically the equivalent of brushing your teeth! There is zero discomfort whatsoever. I completed the testing process on a Tuesday, had the test sample express mailed that same night, and received my results the NEXT DAY. No waiting, no anxiety, just quick, accurate results. I can’t say enough great things about this testing kit! After using it once, I won’t go back to any other way!

Jill C.King of Prussia

I cannot recommend this product/service more enthusiastically. In these extremely difficult times, this service is invaluable and dependable. I will use it again. In fact, I have two extra kits for future use. Better safe than sorry!

Sal B.King of Prussia

We looked for months for a lab that would work for our school. We wanted high efficacy, ease of testing, and low cost. FusionPPE partnered with Anywhere Testing was an easy pick. Throughout our discussions leading up to choosing moving forward, they were patient, honest, and very helpful. Everything was explained clearly before we began testing.

Kathy K.French School of Philadelphia

Very happy with this service. The actual test was simple & quick. The saliva swab is much better than the nasal swab. It’s safer for the healthcare professional & much more comfortable for the patient. And the results came back the same day the lab received the tests.

Dr. J. BloomBloom Facial Plastic Surgery

The saliva swab is so easy, and it works so well for our school. The first time we tested, we had students literally begging to get tested. In fact, every time we test, we have students asking to be tested. It's nice to be able to have the security of solid testing, ease of the procedure, and the compliance of students and staff.

Martha R.Nurse at French School of Philadelphia


Pool Testing is a PCR Surveillance Test that helps organizations resume and maintain in-person activities.  This testing strategy helps contain transmission and reduce uncontrolled outbreaks through early detection of cases because approximately 51% of infected people are asymptomatic*Pool Testing is a solution that many organizations are quickly adopting because of speed, accuracy, and a much lower price point than a PCR Test, which allows for more frequent testing.

Learn more from USA Today here:

Download CDC, researchers from Duke and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services found that the University’s COVID-19 pool testing system successfully slowed the spread of COVID-19 on campus.


What makes your Pool Test unique?

  • Turnaround Timespool test results are available in 7 to 9 hours from receipt of the test samples. All individuals that are part of negative pools are negative, and the test process is complete.  Individuals who are part of a positive pool will have individual PCR tests performed, with results available by noon the following day.
  • No Additional Testing is Required – individuals that are part of a positive pool do not have to be retested.
  • Positive and Inconclusive are retested again (3rd test).
  • No Additional Costs – there are no extra costs for individual tests or reruns.
  • Utilizes a Comfortable Saliva-Swab – we use the same saliva-swab as our Individual PCR Test. Saliva-swabs are more comfortable than nasal or oral swabs.  Also, they can be self-administered, so it is safer for healthcare professionals.
  • Superior Accuracy – 99% Sensitivity and 99% Specificity.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – any lab can process a test, but few get on the phone to answer your questions and concerns. We understand there is a lot of stress around COVID-19 Testing, so we want to be available.

Is Pool Testing different than Batch Testing?

Pool Testing is also known as Pooled Testing, Sample Pool Testing, Pooled Sample testing, and Batch Testing.

How does Pool Testing work?

Saliva-swab samples are taken and sent to the laboratory.  Five samples are combined (Pooled) and analyzed on a molecular PCR machine.  If the Pool comes up negative, they are all reported as negative.  If the Pool Test is positive, all the samples are analyzed individually.  We take any inconclusive and positive tests and analyze them again.

Can Pool Testing be used with anyone?

No, Pool Testing should only be used with asymptomatic individuals.  People with symptoms should visit their primary care physician or visit a diagnostic testing facility for an Individual PCR Test.

Can Pool Testing be used in any environment, i.e., hot spots? 

Pool Testing should only be used where the Positive Rate is under 10%.

 How often is Pool Testing recommended?

Pool Testing is recommended at regular intervals, such as twice a week, weekly, or every other week.

Has your test received FDA / Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?

Yes.  We utilize the Thermo Fisher TaqPath Assay that was approved on October 9, 2020.

Can I use the same saliva-swab test kit for an individual test (someone who has symptoms)?

Yes.  Take the test and put it in an individual bag.  Write “Individual Test” at the top of the patient form.

Are patient reports safe and secure?

Yes.  Patient information resides on a HIPAA compliant cloud-based portal.

Is there a charge for setting up the cloud portal?

No.  We ask customers to sign up for a FREE account that we utilize to send patient reports.

Does insurance cover Pool Testing?

At this time, private insurance only covers testing symptomatic individuals.  We are actively working with local, state, and federal representatives to understand the next round of stimulus.  We hope that it will include funding for asymptomatic testing.

Will you work with small organizations (1-20 people)?

Absolutely.  We want to make Pool Testing available for any size organization.

Do I need to do anything besides Pool Testing?

Yes.  It is important to combine Pool Testing with other strategies such as masking, social distancing, handwashing, and environmental sanitation to help fight the pandemic.

How can I learn more?

Contact Mark Rubino for a recommendation and pricing designed specifically for your needs. Mark is available at 484-620-9031 or We are also available for a Zoom presentation to answer your questions.  We know you are busy, so we will work around your schedule.


  • FREE RERUNS on inconclusive + positive tests
  • FAST TURNAROUND of 12-48 hours; tests taking longer than 36 hours are FREE
  • EVENING + WEEKEND LAB HOURS to ensure even faster turnaround
  • SUPERIOR ACCURACY of 99% sensitivity and specificity
  • PATIENT COMFORT as saliva tests are more comfortable then oral or nasal swabs
  • HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL SAFETY since the test can be self-administered, the healthcare professional does not risk coughing, sneezing, or a gag-reflux
  • INFORMATION SECURITY + PRIVACY as patient information resides on a free HIPPA compliant cloud-based portal
  • REDUCED COSTS as saliva test requires less PPE for healthcare professionals

Rapid Antibody (IgG/IgM) Test

Tells you if you had a previous infection.

There are many options available when looking at Rapid Antibody and Antigen Tests.  Most of the tests available today require a CLIA Mid to High Complexity License or Waiver.  However, new tests are being approved and introduced as over-the-counter tests.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the multiple options available to your organization.

  • EUA Approved.
  • Accuracy Rate –  Sensitivity 98%, Specificity 100%.
  • Fast Results – 2-10 minutes.
  • All necessary reagents provided – No equipment needed.
  • Stocked in the USA and available for overnight delivery.
  • Only available to CLIA certified laboratories that can perform moderate to high-complexity tests.


To learn more about Fusion PPE’s COVID-19 Testing, please contact Mark Rubino for a recommendation and pricing designed specifically for your needs. Mark is available at 484-620-9031 or


Anywhere Testing is a Veteran owned, CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited, Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory located in Loveland, Colorado. We are passionate about improving the lives of people and helping our strategic partners thrive.

Anywhere Testing is a Full Service EUA Approved COVID-19 Lab Partner that is offering 2 types
of testing – viral and antibody.

  1. A viral test (PCR Test) tells you if you have a current infection.
  2. An Antibody Test tells you if you had a previous infection.

An Introduction to
COVID-19 Tests

Difference between a COVID-19 genetic, antigen and antibody test