KN95 GB2626 4-Ply Protective Face Mask | Disposable/Foldable

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4-Ply face mask. 95% filtration protection from non-oil particles. Medical meltdown fabric inner layer and a nonwoven outer layer.



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KN95 4-Ply Face Mask

Our KN95 4-Ply face mask is a multi layer mask that provides a 95% filtration protection from non-oil particles. This mask has various uses as it reduces your exposure to dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants allowing you to breathe better and limit your exposure to contagions. This mask is made of a medical meltdown fabric inner layer and a nonwoven outer layer. Our KN95 has an adjustable, metal nose clip to ensure a secure fit for the user.

Specifications and Certifications: 

  • 95% protection against non-oil particulates.
  • Removed from box and packaged individual for shipment. Will be partially folded for shipment.
  • Air Shipped Door to Door
  • Produced in an ISO certified, FDA audited plant

Product may vary slightly from pictures however all products have proper certifications and are produced in an ISO certified, FDA audited plant.

Instructions for use

  • Hold the respirator from the ear loops with the metallic strip facing up
  • Cover your nose and your mouth with the respirator and secure the ear loops over your ears
  • If needed adjust the respirator to completely cover your nose and chin
  • Adjust the metallic nose strip over the bridge of your nose for a former fit
  • Ensure full coverage and the proper fit or the respirator

3-Step check before use

  1. Check that the packaging has not been opened or damaged. If it appears to be compromised in any way do not use the respirator. 
  2. Check the elastic bands are in good conditions and are not damaged. 
  3. Check the condition of the metallic strip. 
  1. Place both hands over the respirator. 
  2. Take a deep breath in and hold in the breath for a few seconds. As you do this the respirator should collapse in.
  3. Release the breath for a few seconds, simultaneously the respirator should bulge outward. 
  4. If you notice any air leaking during steps 1 through 3 adjust the fit of the respirator. Adjust the metallic strip, ear loops, and position of the respirator as needed and start the Fit Test from the beginning. 
  5. If you can complete this fit test adequately, the respirator is safe to use. If you are unable to achieve a tight seal and proper fit do not use the product. 
  6. Additionally, if at any time you experience difficulty breathing, dizziness, or other symptoms while wearing this respirator, leave the contaminated area immediately and find a safe place to remove the respirator. 

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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1 review for KN95 GB2626 4-Ply Protective Face Mask | Disposable/Foldable

  1. Ray Bunch (verified owner)

    We’ve been very pleased with Fusion PPE. We have ordered small quantities of masks 3 times and the comfort and quality of the KN95 has been ideal for us. The N95 mask is also well made and durable. The folks at Fusion PPE are professional, responsive, and knowledgeable.

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